Monday, November 26, 2007 - Leading Online Bookmaker offers markets on a wide selection of sports, and has clients in over 100 countries. Though its primary focus is online betting on soccer (football), NFL, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey, is noted for offering innovative non-sports markets such as American Idol, chess, competitive eating and unusual events such as the Burning of the Goat of Gavle in Sweden.

Unique Pricing Model business model is founded on mathematical principal, deriving profit from low margins and high turnover, which have led to it being described as, ‘the Walmart of sportsbooks’. The unique approach has even been adopted as a case study by the Harvard Business School.

The Harvard educated Washington Post journalist, Andrew Beyer, described in an article on January 17th, 2007 when discussing its withdrawal from the US market as "… probably the biggest and best bookmaking operation in the world — and maybe in the history of the world."

Pinnacle Literature does not adopt high visibility marketing strategies common with other large sportsbooks. The growth of the company and its reputation, have been achieved largely through word of mouth and viral channels. therefore has a strong and loyal following on the dominant North American sports forums, where it has cultivated its appeal through the release of a weekly bulletin – the Pinnacle Pulse.

The Pinnacle Pulse introduces strategies and theories by explaining how bookmakers make money, candidly suggesting through strategies and wagering systems, ways for players to profit at its own expense or that of less astute bookmakers. The Pinnacle Pulse stands out from common marketing missives by teaching players how to exploit market inefficiencies by employing mathematical models or following disciplined guidelines. The company’s stated philosophy is to offer players – The Smarter Way to Bet.


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